Please join us for a special poetry reading event in our gallery on Wednesday, November 30 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. celebrating the works in "Blue Like a Rainbow." Exhibiting artists and poets will recite some of their poetry alongside images of the accompanying artwork. Light refreshments and snacks will be served and visitors are invited to take in the full "Blue Like a Rainbow" exhibition as well as "Medusa & Perseus: a retelling" and "A Place I Can Go To"—our two other exhibitions currently on view.

More about "Blue Like a Rainbow":

“Blue Like a Rainbow” documents Art Enables artists’ exploration of poetry as muse and visiting poets’ response to visual art. Over the course of several months, artists translated images conjured for them by words into drawn and painted visual imagery. At the same time, a handful of guest poets—Raga Ayyagari, Jaime BanksVeneta Masson—contributed verses inspired by Art Enables artwork. This exhibition marries the two art forms, with poems handwritten on the wall next to accompanying images. Words by famous writers from past centuries are also at play, as well as those written by Art Enables artists, many in a color-themed poetry workshop with poet and professor Naomi Ayala. In this space, Wordsworth’s heart dances with the daffodils, and Mara Clawson illustrates her found poem about sea slugs with words pulled from an old National Geographic. Dennis Quillin’s “Sunflowers” recalls a lost loved one to Veneta Masson, and Jay Bird illustrates how he feels “…blue, like a rainbow, like a bowl of coins” in both words and watercolor. 

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