Off-Rhode Gallery

Opening Reception Saturday, February 13, 1-4pm

In the Art Enables gallery, the artists of Art Enables will be showing off their unique takes on what Washington, DC looks like to them while in the Off-Rhode Gallery, two artists from Studio In-Sight in Bethesda, Maryland present Words Worth/Worth Words that explores the relationship between text and visual art.

About the artists:

Robb Williams- Robb’s initial paintings were based on complex still lives, but he has now moved into more simple concepts.  He is an accomplished painter interested in letting dark tones dominate sparse light tones. Often he incorporates words and little jokes into his work. On another stance the word work may deal with political issues.

Amethyst Moira Garvey- Amethyst has a foundation as a colorist and has begun to explore text within composition to balance the inner psyche with the outer experience with nature.  She combines her poetry, found object and explorations in color. These recent pieces are done with a slow, meditative hand.